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Spring/Summer 2017 edition

Booking and artwork deadline
February 3rd, 2017


This next issue will be distributed at
Recruit in Canada's 30th Student Recruitment Fairs
March 1-5, 2017, during the cross-Canada
Study and Go Abroad Fair
as well as at other student events and our regular distribution channels.

If you are attending the fairs, enjoy up to a 20% discount on select ad options

Canadian Student Magazine is designed for students, graduates and professionals seeking comprehensive and relevant information about educational and experiential program options abroad and in Canada.

Published twice a year mostly in English with some features in French, this magazine and complementary website address key issues about educational and experiential travel options. It is for parents, students, professionals, teachers, education advisors, friends and family - everyone involved in this important decision will have all the information they need at their fingertips in order to make informed decisions.

Each edition contains editorials from industry professionals who provide up-to-date and relevant information for our readers.

With the targeted distribution throughout Canada, Canadian Student Magazine is read by your future prospects and the professionals who guide them.

Canadian Student Magazine is distributed for free at the popular Recruit in Canada Fairs, to Canadian high schools, private education and training facilities, colleges and universities, at education and career fairs, education counselling agents, language schools specializing in academic preparation, and embassies. As well, it is distributed to all contributors, so your peers from in Canada and around the world will receive issues and see their current and potential future partners.

Reach this prolific market by advertising in, and contributing your editorial content to, the innovative Canadian Student Magazine.

Sister Publication

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